Submission Rules
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1. Log on Online Submission.
2. Go to "Paper Management" and click "Submit another paper"
3. Fill in all required paper information.
4. Find “Please upload manuscript:” at the end of the page. Click “Browse” to upload files in Microsoft Word(*.doc/*docx).
5. Click “Submit” to finish your submission and a Paper ID will be given.
Basic Submission Rules
Language English
Paper length Abstract: less than 800 words within 2 pages
Full paper: within 12 pages, including references, tables/ charts and keywords
Key words 3-5 words
Font 12-point Times New Roman
Paragraph Single-spaced
Margin Normal
Page numbers Bottom-centered
Layout One-column Portrait
Format MS Word-compatible file
Submission Format
Full research papers, work-in-progress reports and abstracts are welcome. The submission must meet the required format and cover the following:
1. Backgrounds/ Research goals / Objectives
2. Methods
3.Expected results/ conclusions/ contributions
4. Keywords
The abstract should be a summary of your presentation. Please avoid scientific or engineering symbols, acronyms and bullets. The length should be within 800 words in 2 pages.
File Guide for Abstract
Full Paper
The length should be within 12 pages, including references, tables / charts and keywords.
File Guide for Full Paper
Presentation Guideline
Oral Presentation
Equipment provided by conference organizer:
Laptop Computer
(MS Windows Operating System with MS PowerPoint & Adobe Acrobat Reader) Projectors & Screen
Materials prepared by presenters:
PowerPoint or PDF files
Duration of each presentation:
Each person has 12 minutes for presentation and 1-3 minutes for Q&A
Please check your presentation time and room in final conference program.
Please arrive at the room 10 minutes earlier and insert your presentation documents into the laptop.
Poster Presentation
Materials provided by conference organizer:
X racks & base fabric canvases (as the figure below)
Tapes or binder clips
Materials prepared by presenters:
Printed one-piece poster with the width at 60 cm and the height at 120 cm.
Poster format:
Material: not specific
Size: suggested at 60cm×120cm, must be smaller than the poster rack 60cm×160cm (as the figure above)
Content & Layout: Demonstration of the presenter’s paper