Population aging is occurring worldwide and the issue of it, along with lengthening lifespan, has received a great deal of attention within the economic literature. Issues related to long term care, solitary elders, economy security, social participation and security policy are all impacted by access to resources across lifespan.
Factors known to facilitate social participation in the elderly, such as health and transportation, should be promoted through education, support groups, and programs for the elderly living in the community.
And as human beings are living longer and longer, many people have chosen to live a LOHAS lifestyle.LOHAS types perceive the connection between physical and mental health,take a strong interest in personal development and growthand care about human rights, fair trade, sustainable practices and life-balance topics.This group of people have lead the society to a new stage.
With diverse society issues, 2020 Pro-Aging & LOHAS invite you to discuss interdisciplinary research and practices in the fields of Sociology, Social Sciences and Humanities. The conference will be held during 5th-7th,August, 2020 in Hokkaido, Japan.
The topics should be related but not restricted to:
  • Aging, Gender and Quality of Life
    Core Concepts and Values of Social Work
    Long Term Care in an Aging Society
    Effects of Volunteering on the Physical & Mental Health of Older People
    Economy Security and Security Policy for an Aging Society
    Global Public Health Development & Sustainability
  • Human Rights, Fair Trade and Sustainability
    Life-Long Learning
    Social Participation for the Elders
    Social and Psychological Challenges on Health Industry
    Social Welfare and Policy for an Aging Society
    Super-Aging Society Preparing for the Future